Lent Theme

We are Chosen.
Lent is a season of remembering that we were formed by God and called by name.

We are Filled.
Lent is a season of refocusing our priorities and opening ourselves to God’s will through the Holy Spirit.

We are Saved.
Lent is a season of witnessing the steadfast faith, humble service, and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus.

We are Called.
Lent is a season of reflecting on our own faith and our position on the path God laid out for us.

In the midst of our stillness and reflection, wherever we are on that path, we hear the same message: Expose the Darkness. Testify to the Light.

What darkness is God calling you to expose?
How can you testify to the light of Christ?
How is All Saints being called to bring peace, hope, and light to this community?

Remember that none of us walk alone or unprepared.  We are:

Chosen by God
Filled with the Spirit
Saved by Grace
Called to Believe

We are the light of the world. Let our light pierce the darkness!