Ministry Site Review report preview

The final written report from the Ministry Site Review October 11-13 is on its way. In the meantime, consider this initial feedback…a brief summary of Pastor Clark’s notes from the Synod Review Team’s verbal report.

God spoke through the Ministry Site Review, and All Saints surprised the Synod Review Team. Above all, they celebrated the progress made in the last six months.

They believe the next six months to two years will be a crucial crossroads for this congregation. All Saints is below what they call a “critical mission mass”—in average worship attendance and expected income. And, at the same time, they see many signs that the hoped-for renewal is truly happening. Because of the progress and potential they see, they will recommend the ELCA invest even more in All Saints, extending our three year grant an extra year, as well as supporting and advocating for us in several other ways.

The Synod Review Team also affirmed…

…the strong commitment and gifts of All Saints’ lay leaders, and their “tenacity” in pursuing redevelopment
…that All Saints is a welcoming and safe place for all people, especially people with special needs and food pantry patrons
…that All Saints’ people feel known and valued, thanks to the congregation’s care of members and the “Listen Strong” listening campaign going on now
…the potential for creating and implementing a Special Needs Mission Plan to strengthen an already remarkable ministry of welcome and inclusion


The Synod Review Team recommended All Saints build on the strength they see rising, especially to…

…continue the healing process and deepening trust after recent changes and also dynamics that precede the current pastor-redeveloper
…create and implement an Evangelizing Outreach plan, including 50% of the pastor-redeveloper’s time for equipping for everyday evangelism and an outreach listening campaign
foster a mission-centered mindset, not a survival mentality
…create and implement a Financial Sustainability Plan, including refinancing the mortgage with the ELCA’s Mission Investment Fund and potentially reducing the principal through a capital campaign


This represents just a preview of the full report. Before the end of the week, All Saints Review Team will receive a draft written report. We will read it and make comments, which the Synod Review Team will consider for the final draft. Expect to see that final written report and summaries of it by the beginning of November.

Thanks for your prayers and effort. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Clark

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