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Easter theme: “The Way has been paved…”

At first, Christians did not call themselves “Christian.”

Instead the people sent “to the ends of the earth” by the resurrected Jesus (Acts 1:8) called themselves “followers of the Way” (Acts 9:2).

Everyone else had less flattering names for them, like, “these people who have been turning the world upside down”—with their surprising boldness telling stories about Jesus and baptizing and doing other things that were miraculous but bad for business (Acts 17:6).

“The Way has been paved…” is All Saints’ worship theme this season of Easter. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are our example to follow. And even more, Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, is a gift for us and all the world.

Because we do not have to earn love—from God or anyone else—therefore, we can turn our lives to new ends, toward serving God and others.

Because we need not fear death—either divine condemnation or human humiliation—therefore, we get to live wholeheartedly, abundantly, eternally: beginning (or beginning again) today.

Because Truth seeks us (and not the other way around), therefore, we may live confidently belonging to God and within the body of Christ, even while we doubt and disbelieve.

The Way has been paved…

Holy Week worship

Palm/Passion Sunday, March 29 at 10am: Prepare for Easter by being immersed in the powerful story of Jesus Christ’s last supper, arrest, and crucifixion. Expect palms, song, participation, and God’s loving sacrifice.

Maundy Thursday, April 2 at 7pm with confession and forgiveness, the story of the Last Supper, hand and foot washing, holy communion, and the stripping of the altar.

Good Friday, April 3 at 7pm with the story of the cross at center

Easter Sunday, April 5 at 10am with the resurrection story and holy communion, the resurrection feast