February 2012

This is All Saints’ newsletter for February 2012.


Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14.  Be sure to show those you love how much you care and how blessed you are to have them in your life.

Pastor Clark will be traveling Feb. 16 to 19 to Houston with members of the Redevelopment Team for training. For pastoral emergencies, contact Pastors John Grebner and Kristin Berglund: church 563.322.0769 or home 563.388.5944. Pastor Dan Kuckuck will preach and lead worship on Sunday, Feb. 19.

Ash Wednesday is Feb. 22; service will be at 7 pm. The 1st Sunday in Lent is Feb. 26.  The weekly Lenten Evening Prayer will begin on Feb. 29 at 7 pm.


Updated Non-Smoking Policy: We currently have a non-smoking policy for inside the church. The council has approved extending that policy to the entire church property. In the interest of promoting a healthy lifestyle, please refrain from smoking on church grounds. This will include any groups that utilize our facilities. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Collier, Council President, or Pastor Clark. God bless.

Looking ahead, daylight saving time starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 13; spring forward an hour.

December “draft” council minutes and ministry team notes are posted on the bulletin board in the administrative hallway.

Confirmation Students’ Winter Clothes Drive 1/1/12 — 4/15/12.     Make a child’s life better! For more information/questions, please see Mandi Linville, Riley Jones, Elli or Mati Robischon, Spencer Jones, or Aleck Reece.  Cash donations are also gratefully accepted, and suitable clothing will be purchased by the confirmation class.


By the Numbers

All Saints publishes attendance and giving summaries in print only. Contact the office for a copy.


In Our Prayers

All Saints publishes its prayer list in print only. Contact the office for a full list.

Good Soil Stories

All Saints,

My Good Soil group grew the other week. My friend and I invited a third friend to join us, because he was talking about wanting to be more intentional in his faith and friendships. We prayed about it one week, “God, is this who you’re inviting us to invite?” and a few days later, that very friend invited us both over on the very same night we had already planned to meet for Good Soil group. “Um, God, is that you?”

As of our January 9 kick-off, 35 people were reading Luke: eight confirmation students reading along in class, and 27 people in 11 Good Soil groups. Now it’s at least 38. Has your Good Soil group grown too? Are you reading along on your own?

Of course, the point of our Good Soil project is to focus on God, which means, paying attention to things we cannot measure. Sure, we will celebrate the stuff we can count. But there’s so much more God is doing—stuff that can’t be show in spreadsheets but only told in stories. Stories, like the ones we’re reading in Luke. Part of the joy and wonder of our Good Soil project is sharing those stories and inviting them.

Here are a few other Good Soil stories.

Tim is glad for the opportunity to read Luke and Acts. He said he’s always thought about reading the Bible and never did. But now, he’s reading along even though he doesn’t have a group yet.

Mary Jo noticed something going on in Luke, since the man, Zachariah, was silenced while the women, Mary and Elizabeth, spoke. “Luke must’ve been a woman,” she said.

The waitress at Village Inn called Anne, Barb, and Trista’s Good Soil group, “Chatty Cathy’s” because they spent so much time getting to know each other and telling their faith journeys.

Telling a story invites other stories. Before worship, tell a story from the past week, when your Good Soil group met. During coffee hour, ask, “How’s your Good Soil group going?” or “Any surprises in Luke this week?”  Tell a story, invite a story.

Our stories don’t have to be flashy, cute, or even particularly “spiritual.” God works in small and unassuming ways, and we may only realize it and what it means when we start sharing and inviting stories. When share and invite, the story changes. It becomes our story, not just my story. As we hear our story grow, we’ll discover connections, themes, surprises—experiences common and uncommon that point the way to God: what God is saying to us, what God is doing among us and in the world.

That’s where this Good Soil project is going. Immersing us in a common story—Luke and Act’s story, yes, but also All Saints’ story.  Unifying and catalyzing us around God’s story with us—who God is for us, what God’s purpose is for us, how we’re going to live it out together.

So I’m excited! I can’t wait to hear your Good Soil stories.

Thanks be to God.

Pastor Clark Olson-Smith

February 39+

39+ will get together on February 12th at the Machine Shed.

39+ is a group of people at All Saints who gather monthly in a local restaurant  for fellowship and fun.  For more information, please contact the church office.