Theme for the season of Easter (March 31 – May 12, 2024)

United by the Resurrection, we walk in God’s Light

Theme Write-up written by Matthew Reece, Director of Music Ministries

“United by the Resurrection, we walk in God’s Light” serves as a guiding theme for our congregation as we enter the season of Easter. Rooted in the foundational truth of Christ’s triumph over death, this theme speaks to the heart of our Lutheran faith, emphasizing the communal aspect of our journey as believers. As we gather together in worship and fellowship, we are reminded of the unifying power of Christ’s resurrection, which binds us together as a community of faith.

During this Easter season, we are called to embrace the light of Christ and allow it to illuminate our path forward. We recognize that our shared belief in the resurrection inspires us to walk in God’s light, embodying the values of love, justice, and reconciliation. Through our collective witness, we seek to spread the message of hope and renewal to all those around us, reflecting the transformative power of the resurrection in our lives and in our world.