CROP Hunger Walk of the Quad Cities

The Quad Cities area CROP walk is Sunday, October 2.

Anne has once again signed up to be the contact person for All Saints Lutheran Church. If you would like to walk or donate, please see Anne.

An excerpt from the letter Anne received:

You’ve joined the fight against global hunger and poverty. Here’s why your commitment means so much to me…

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, nearly 750 million people worldwide are affected by food insecurity. No one person can change the world, but you can change the lives of 20, 50, maybe 100 people. Because of you, they won’t have to worry about being hungry tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. And you’ve joined a community of caring, compassionate people. Together, we’re affecting countless lives.

For more great tips – including the 7 steps to a great Walk – download our new Walker Toolkit!

Changing the world will put a smile on your face – make sure to have fun!

The CWS/CROP Hunger Walk Online Team