Theme for the Season of Pentecost (Autumn/November)

There is hope in God’s kingdom; put your faith in Him

As the weather changes, as the seasons change, so do the seasons of the church. While the church is still in the season of Pentecost, our focus shifts from Jesus as the bread for our journey to hope and faith.

Throughout the long season of Pentecost, we have recognized Jesus Christ as bread for our journey, and prayed for God’s help as we walk in faith. The journey of faith continues throughout each of our lives.

We are connected as members of the body of Christ, the church, which is part of the manifestation of the kingdom of God right here and right now. God promises to meet our needs and give us hope, even as we seek out ways to extend that hope and love to our neighbors.

The perfect love of God is our example. Let us continue our journey of faith together, and love our neighbors as we are exhorted to do. As we place our faith in God, we are filled with God’s grace, hope and love. May the Holy Spirit guide our path through all the changing seasons of our lives.