Special Congregation Meeting Recap Letter (sent September 17, 2021)

Members of All Saints Lutheran Church met for a special congregation meeting on Sunday, September 12th, to assess a proposal to refurbish the sign in the front of the church, facing Jersey Ridge Road.

Jim Low presented the report from the sign committee and was endorsed by the church council.

The recommendation for the outdoor sign proposed refurbishing the existing sign with a color LED message board at an estimated project cost of $31,000. The new sign would be placed on the existing base. The crumbling brick around the base would be replaced by landscaping.

The new LED message board provides an attractive message screen to reach and attract individuals driving past the church. The present sign is difficult to see and has limited visibility.

The proposal presented to the congregation primarily will be financed by including project costs in a refinanced church mortgage presently held by the ELCA Mission Investment Fund. The loan balance will increase from $126,722 to $160,000. The mortgage interest rate will drop from a 4.375% 5 year adjustable loan to a 3.875% mortgage with 15 year amortization. The estimated monthly payment will be $1,181, a $33 per month increase, or an annual total of $396.

The church council encourages All Saints members to consider financial donations toward the project.

For years, the church has witnessed a slow but continuous decline in membership. The possibility of closing the facility has been raised by the Southeastern Iowa Synod.

All Saints members believe the church has significant assets that need to be factored into any decision about the future of the congregation. The church has an ideal location, a beautiful facility, vital ministry and dedicated membership, but needs to attract new members to maintain viability.

Please consider a financial donation to this project. Current operating expenses will be paid, but the need exists to invest in the church’s future. The sign project is a first step toward parish revitalization. Let’s put our best foot forward and tell the community the good news about All Saints Lutheran Church. Your contribution helps secure the future of our church.

Pastor Richard Pokora