Theme for the Season of Pentecost (summer)

Bread for the Journey

God calls us to new life, to a new journey of faith. There was a miracle of manna in the wilderness when God’s people were making the difficult passage from bondage to freedom. When we are lost, God finds us and feeds us.

Jesus is the Bread of Life. We are called to follow his teachings and his example: caring for the least among us, healing the broken, and traveling our own journey of faith. When we gather to worship and listen, we are blessed with the feast prepared at his table.

The promised Holy Spirit comes to us, lives among us, and sustains us on our journey. There are obstacles on the path, and we sometimes find ourselves stumbling to our knees. That is where the Holy Spirit meets us, surrounding and filling us with love and grace.

God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, gives us bread for the journey. Whether it is a handful of trail mix or a miracle of loaves and fishes, we are filled and sustained so that our journey of faith can continue. May we share from our abundance, and share God’s blessing with all those we encounter along the way.