March Newsletter Article by Pastor Pokora

The last couple months have been daunting with subzero temperatures and many snowstorms pummeling the Quad City region.

Fortunately, this last week in February has seen a change with warmer weather and melting snow. Spring may actually be in the air.

Adding to our misery the pandemic continues to create health issues around the world. In my own family, we discovered my son’s wife has the Covid antibodies, which means she has been exposed to the virus and through her others in the family.

We remain hopeful both sunny skies and the developing vaccines signal a change in both weather and health.

I often tell people this winter has been unpredictable and unprecedented. No one saw these natural disasters coming, along with the resulting economic problems.

Undoubtably, the effects are far reaching. The other day I spoke with a woman who owns a boutique in Bettendorf. She is closing her doors for good. She said the pandemic, economy, and weather forced her out of business after nine years. I was surprised to hear this news.

No one knows what lies ahead for us. No one can predicts tomorrow let alone the next year.

The old saying is that we must walk by faith. God walks with us through these difficulties. That is the promise made to us through Jesus Christ.

We have entered the Lenten season. Lent reminds us of the inherent difficulties we face in life.

Yet we also remember that Lent leads to Easter. When the world fell apart for the disciples, following the crucifixion and death of Jesus, God took the world by surprise and raised Jesus from the dead.

The message of Easter is that nothing is over until it is over. God is ready to do something unexpected and unprecedented on his own. He breathes new life into us and into our world.

Lent leads out of despair and into hopefulness.

Every one of us have faced our own challenges this winter. I have had good friends pass away, some of those deaths have been due to Covid, while others result from age and illness.

We must keep standing in faith. Let Christ act on your behalf and bring renewal in your life.