From the Pastor – Newsletter Article

No one living in Iowa or Illinois should be surprised to hear a weather report forecasting snow, ice and strong winds. We learned long ago to be prepared for winter storms and have a snow shovel or snow blower in the garage.

Even as I write this note the weatherman predicts several inches of snow. We’ll see, if he correctly generated an accurate prediction or not.

I have many good friends who take a winter vacation in Florida, Arizona or Hawaii. I’m sure they enjoy basking in the sun and knowing they don’t have to worry about sleet, ice and snow.

Those of us who endure Midwest winter understand that this season too shall pass and spring will come in a two months.

My middle daughter and her family moved from New York City to Minneapolis last fall. They know how to enjoy the weather. They ski, ice skate, snow tube and hike. They have learned to make the best of winter and enjoy the season.

I’m not a winter fan. Never have been. My favorite season of the year is spring. Every fall I march over to Wallace Garden Center and buy bags full of daffodils to plant in the yards. I look forward to those colorful blooming bulbs each spring.

One thing I know after all these years in the upper Midwest is that this season too shall pass. Nothing stays the same. We have to be mentally agile and accept the season. 

I once played cards each week with my wife, Aunt Mabel and her friends Beulah Graf. I gathered from that experience to play the cards I have been dealt. No one can predict the cards they will receive. A skillful player plays the cards dealt and to win a game.

It’s the same thing in life. No one can predict what experiences we will face. Some days are good and some days not so good. Just like the weather.

I certainly doubt Jesus played cards. But he knew how to deal with the surprises he faced. He understood God was with him. No matter how hard we pray God will not make certain Christians are only dealt a handful of aces in life. Everyday something unpredictable and unprecedented falls into our lap and we have to adjust our actions and expectations.

Scripture teach us to have faith and love and hope. Together these three carry us through the tough times and help us appreciate the good times.

As you look out your window at home may you have hope best symbolized by spring. May you have faith in God’s continuing work. And most of all, may you have love to carry others with you, as they face their trials.