Theme for the Seasons of Epiphany

Called to be witnesses

We have seen the miracle of Emmanuel, God With Us, and the star that heralded his birth. The long-awaited Savior has come. With the bells still ringing in our ears, we now hear a new sound: the voice of the Savior calling us from our labors to become faithful followers, fishers of people, and witnesses to the Kingdom of God brought near by the grace and love shown by Jesus Christ himself.

In the midst of calamity, sickness, and fear, we are called to be witnesses.

Where people are hungry, for food and for fulfillment, we are called to be witnesses.

In times of darkness and light, we are called to be witnesses.

When the world cries out for justice, we are called to be witnesses.

In the absence of hope and in the presence of despair, we are called to be witnesses.

When our brothers and sisters rejoice in everyday miracles, we are called to be witnesses.

We are called to use the gifts God has given us to proclaim the Kingdom. We are called to share our resources with those in need. We are called to learn from Jesus his ways of compassion, healing, affirmation, and empowerment, and to be compassionate, to heal, to affirm, and to empower others in turn.

Creator God, Blessed Savior, Comforting Spirit: our prayer during this season of Epiphany is that we might hear your voice calling us, develop the gifts you have given us, and witness to the love and grace freely available to all in the Kingdom of God.