Theme for the Seasons of Advent & Christmas

Renew us in the Light of Christ
Advent is a season of watching and waiting, searching the heavens for starlight and dreaming of peace on earth. We can’t see what the future holds, but we trust that the future is held in the hands of our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.

Christmas Eve is the tipping point; it is the transition from one season to another. The light has come, stars shine brightly, and all the world holds its breath in anticipation of dawn. In the midst of darkness, we celebrate the arrival of Christ’s light in the world.

The Christmas season shines with candlelight and smiles on the faces of friends and strangers. This year, the smiles may be hidden behind masks, but the Light of Christ still shines brightly in the eyes of those around us during this holy time.

In this time of watching and waiting, celebrations and quiet moments, gifts given and gifts received, it is our fervent prayer that God will renew us in the Light of Christ, filling us up with love and grace until we can’t help but overflow with joy.