Theme for the Season of Pentecost (summer)

Sustained by Faith
Living in God’s Peace
Look to the future with Hope

Hindsight is 20/20, as the old saying goes. As we reflect on our recent days of turmoil and perseverance, and as we dig deeper into our shared history, we can see that we have been sustained by our faith in the Creator, and called to be God’s hands in our world, ushering in the Kingdom of God that has been founded in faith.

We live in the present time, surrounded by disquiet. Jesus has promised us peace which passes all understanding, an ever-present help in times of prosperity and need alike. We approach the altar in our shared worship, showered in peace and love. We share this peace with our community by seeking out ways to provide for those who are hungry in body and in spirit.

God’s promised Holy Spirit lives among us, a blessing, and a comfort. We know that we can look to the future filled with hope. The days ahead are uncertain, but we know that we live them together, surrounded and uplifted by the Spirit of God. Having been sustained by faith in God the Creator, we live surrounded by the promised peace of God the Son. So equipped, we can now look to the future with the hope inspired by God the Spirit.