Theme for the season of Easter

Risen to a New Vision: From Darkness to Light; From Death to Life 

Easter is a season to walk with the risen Christ. We have come from Lenten despair into resurrection hope. The tomb is empty, Christ is risen. This is a season to live into the new life we are given in Christ.

Risen to a New Vision: Many readings this season are from the New Testament book of Revelation. In Revelation, we see a new vision of Christ as the victorious lamb of God. We see a new vision of renewed creation, where death is no more. We see a new vision of every nation together in worship. This season, God brings us a new vision. 

From Darkness to Light: Jesus has moved from the darkness of the sealed tomb into the light of a new day. We are brought along this journey through the Holy Spirit given to us. Throughout the Easter season, Jesus talks about a coming spirit that will lead us out of the darkness into the light.

From Death to Life: God has been moving all creation, all humanity from death to life, culminating in the resurrection of Christ. We are the people of the cross, the people of the tomb, and the people of the resurrection. Christ is risen indeed.