Theme for the season of Epiphany

The gifts of water, light, and the Holy Spirit are prevalent in our readings this season of Epiphany. Each week as we worship together we will hear and witness these gifts and what they mean for us as children of God.

We witness Jesus’ baptism, seeing the Holy Spirit descend on him and hearing the voice of God claiming Jesus as His own. We too are bathed in the waters of baptism – cleansed, made new, and claimed as children of God. It means we are adopted as one of His own, accepted and embraced as we are.

We witness Jesus’ light as we follow Jesus’ path of ministry, hearing and seeing Jesus teaching and healing in God’s name.  We too are bathed in the light of Christ – and in this light we are shown the path and gifted the purpose to continue Christ’s work in the world. It means no darkness can overcome. Christ’s light shines for all to see, and we are encouraged to share that light with others.

We witness Jesus’ transfiguration – transformed by God, visited by the prophets, and empowered to walk the path of the Cross. We too are bathed in the Holy Spirit, and this means that do not walk alone. The Advocate is with us, guiding our hearts and minds – our thoughts and our actions – on the path laid out before us.

Gifts of water, light, and the Holy Spirit. Assurance of adoption, purpose, and guidance. This Epiphany season, let us together celebrate that we are:
Bathed in the Water; Bathed in the Light; Bathed in the Holy Spirit

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