From the Pastor

Hello! Grace and peace to you all from God through our Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Pastor Amy Diller, I am honored to serve the congregation of All Saints and am delighted to begin our life together.

New beginnings are exciting, hopeful and sometimes, a little bit disturbing. I know that looking for a pastor has been a long process for all of you, and I am so grateful that God has brought us together. I want to commend this congregation for partnering with St James. I’m confident God has a lot of holy surprises in store for Together in Christ parish. Together, we can ride the waves of the kingdom of God on earth. Building the kingdom of God is a holy and unusual mission in the 21st century. God tells us to love everyone, welcome people as Jesus would, and show radical grace to everyone we meet. We begin our journey together as kingdom builders. We reflect the unconditional love of God to the world and live in the promise of abundant life through Christ. I can’t think of anything better for us to participate in! I truly believe this new relationship we are entering, as congregation and pastor, as fellow Christians serving God, is going to be a holy adventure.

A little bit about me. I have spent the last two years serving a church here in the Quad Cities. I moved here after completing my seminary work in Chicago and have really enjoyed all that Iowa has to offer. Before starting seminary, I worked in the restaurant industry as a cook, a kitchen manager, a waitress, a floor manager, a dishwasher……… name it, I did it. I really love to eat and cook. Consequentially I am learning that I need to love exercise as well. In my spare time, I devour books and potato chips. My family is spread across the country, mostly in Mississippi and Tennessee. Ventures to that part of the country are filled with laughter and unbelievable humidity.

All in all, I am so glad to be here with the people of All Saints. We are all called to be ministers of the gospel in our baptisms, some of us just have a church office to do it in. I am excited to begin our ministry to the Quad Cities and see where God leads us together.

Pr. Amy
662-292-6185 (cell phone)

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