Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting Recap

This past Sunday, May 7th, we held our semi-annual congregational meeting. The amended minutes for the July 17, 2017 special congregation meeting, August 28, 2017 special congregation meeting, and December 4, 2017 semi-annual congregation meeting were approved.

The revised Together in Christ Parish Agreement between All Saints Lutheran Church and St. James Lutheran Church was approved. The change is there won’t be a separate Treasurer on the Together in Christ Parish Board. Each congregation will pay the joint pastor their share separately.

Those in attendance, reviewed the reports that were in the packet and some clarifications were made.

Congratulations to the newly elected. Your newly elected are: President – Julie Schoville; Vice President – Liz Bruns; Financial Officer – Roger Oliver; Worship Ministry Team (3 people) – Jake Bruns, Steve Kalber, & Tom Schoville; Proclamation Ministry Team (3 people) – Laura McCreery, Pat Howell, and Scott Holtan; Service Ministry Team (3 people) – Bonnie Strittmatter, Donna Plank, and Sheryn Levings (to be appointed by council); Nominating Committee (6 people) – Anne Holtan and Diane Radloff, Audit Committee (3 people) – Ellen Bloomingdale and Sharon Martin; 2018 Synod Representatives (2 people) – Ed and Marsha Holstrom; Alternate 2018 synod representatives (2 people) – Bonnie Strittmater and Craig Drake

An installation of the newly elected will be on Sunday, May 21, 2017 during the worship service.

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