Spreading Hope, One Child At A Time

“If you have a sense that people value you, then you’ll be more likely to make it through,” Barb Johnson explained. She’s sitting in front of her sewing machine ready to start her quilting on a Saturday morning. She proudly shared a glimpse of her latest masterpiece which she’s calling the “bowtie.” And just the way each and every perfectly constructed stitch adds beauty to the entire quilt, Barb’s each and every case adds beauty to an individual’s life.

Barb has been a social worker for about 20 years. Her career began while she ran a registered daycare in her home while her children were still young when she became a volunteer for Court Appointed Special Advocates.

“I see children especially children in poverty, and our society doesn’t value them, I just feel a sense they need a voice,” she said, “Some people say they can pick themselves up by their boot straps, but well, some people don’t have boot straps.” The current council President’s passion is evident not just by the energy she seems to acquire by just talking about her job, but because Barb’s dedication as a CASA volunteer for nine years led her from having no college degree to a Master’s degree in Social Work.

“My job is to help people attain the skills they need to become their own best advocate,” she added. And after all these years in a rewarding career helping others, she doesn’t want to stop especially now she’s successfully completed her cancer treatments.

“All I ask is for health so I can help others see the spiritual gift they are,” Barb said with a smile that made it perfectly clear she will continue to assist others in reaching their full potential, as skillfully as she is stitches tiny scraps of fabric together to make beautiful art.

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