What is a “Listening Campaign”?

Ten All Saints people have received special listening training. It’s a sacred form of listening called a “one-to-one.” They will use their training to do one-to-ones with every All Saints person in what’s called a “listening campaign.”

A one-to-one is an intentional, scheduled conversation lasting 30-45 minutes. It’s intended to start or deepen a relationship and uncover what the other really cares about, what makes them tick.

The one who is listening truly listens, saying nothing 80% of the time, while giving 100% of their attention. Through out a one-to-one, the listener exercises courage and curiosity, asking questions that go deeper.

A listening campaign is six to eight weeks during which a team of trained listeners does many one-to-ones. It has a starting, an ending, and a goal: how many one-to-ones. The goal of All Saints’ Listening Team is to do one-to-ones with every All Saints member, from the team’s Commissioning in worship on Sunday, September 8 to the Celebration and completion on Sunday, November 3.

What do one-to-ones and listening campaigns accomplish? They build and deepen relationships, develop leaders, energize and unify a community, build loyalty and commitment, clarify a congregation’s purpose, and identify new avenues for ministry.

You too can trained to do one-to-ones. You can also join the Listening  Team. Come to the training and prep meeting, 6:30-8:30pm Monday, August 26 at All Saints.

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